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Called after 9:30PM unsafe caller

01:43 Sat 09 Jun 2018


Scam. Called Id says Atlantic City electric.

00:44 Sat 09 Jun 2018


Recorded message about lowering credit card interest rate (no issuing bank information). Pressed '1' to speak to a representative, answered with 'Member services. How ya' doin'! I answered 'Fine. I'd like my number removed from your calling list.' She hung up.

22:33 Fri 08 Jun 2018


hang up caller calls several times a day and when you answer they hang up

22:20 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Fraudeur !!!!!! Ne répondez pas au texto et ne clicker pas non plus sur le lien qu'il envoie !!!!!!

21:45 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Tried calling the number and it rang once but never heard any prompt to leave voicemail. I few it is some kind of a scam caller.

21:26 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Claims I am involved in a law suit but won't give any info. Hang up on the low life scammers

21:09 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Robo caller with 'important message regarding car' and soliciting car warranties.

20:36 Fri 08 Jun 2018


calling a city phone about credit card rates. When informed it was a city phone they hung up. Scam

20:18 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Called and no answer. Gives me the dial up tone as an old phone. Received a call and they just hung up

20:04 Fri 08 Jun 2018


called 4 times within 4 message left.....could hear lots of talking in the back ground.

19:11 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Scammer texted on 6/7/2018 at 4:26 PM: "Notice- from Chase Bank. Code: Visa/Debit temporary locked. Call us now at 458-888-0630 to unlock." Chase Card Services independently confirmed message is a scam. DO NOT RESPOND.

19:08 Fri 08 Jun 2018


2:40pm, 8JUN18: calling this number back returns a "This number has been disconnected" recording

18:40 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Robot voice mail said I had 4 serious cases against me and I would be arrested if I didn't call back within 24 hours. SCAM!

18:35 Fri 08 Jun 2018


This number shows up on a POF site profile justbelieve852

18:28 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Prank caller late at night.

17:05 Fri 08 Jun 2018


And left a link, but I didn't use it, maybe a virus??

17:04 Fri 08 Jun 2018


This message said my FB will be placed on suspicion due to illegal activity?? I've done nothing wrong

17:03 Fri 08 Jun 2018


This number is posted on Craigslist ad for motor home..Southeast Missouri Craigslist ..... with Memphis location...wondering if legit

17:00 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Number left a text msg saying my account was frozen. From (

16:47 Fri 08 Jun 2018


I missed a call, called back, number not in service.

16:30 Fri 08 Jun 2018


said it was to schedule for an event registration for a real estate seminar.

16:26 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Same here.Left a message telling me I have willfully defrauded the Government and a warrant has been issued for my arrest.

16:26 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Hang up, # similar to other crooks

16:25 Fri 08 Jun 2018


I need his address to his house im going have a little chat with him in person cause he has been herrasing me. This number right here has been herrasing me +1 707-403-2481

16:07 Fri 08 Jun 2018


This man is a scammer that will defraud you if given an opening and steal anything he can get his hands on. He should be locked up preying on elderly, single moms & children

16:03 Fri 08 Jun 2018


I have gotten this message a couple of times, I wish I knew what it's about,,,, just ideal threats....

15:49 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Scammer- talks about auto warranty extension. When asked what car they are referring to, idiot hangs up.

15:09 Fri 08 Jun 2018


this is a robot voice mail message stated i have 4 cases against me. I have never been arrested ever and have a clean record so i know it is a scam!

14:42 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Claim to have a 100 dollar gift card.

14:29 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Calls several times/day and hangs up when voice mail starts. Must be spam or scam calls.

14:27 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Someone from this number has called several times this week. I answered today, it was about student loans.

14:21 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Whcallo fr.hotel Marrrott.

03:35 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Whcallo fr.hotel Marrrott.

03:35 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Automated call from "Marriott rewards" about a free night stay.

01:52 Fri 08 Jun 2018


spam, scammer

01:39 Fri 08 Jun 2018


This is a robo caller

01:14 Fri 08 Jun 2018


When I returned the call, the voice mail said "this number is being investigated for illegal or fraudulent activity, this call will hang up now". Sounds like their gonna get what they deserve now.

00:13 Fri 08 Jun 2018


Caller asked for my husband. When I asked who was calling, they hung up. Spoke with a foreign-sounding accent.

23:48 Thu 07 Jun 2018


Call back and says # not in service

23:44 Thu 07 Jun 2018


yep- scammer left me the same "threatening" message. I can't imagine why they waste their time ~ oh, it's because they are evil people with no morals!

22:31 Thu 07 Jun 2018


You have four serious tax charges against you and you will be picked by the local police unless you get back to us at 845-445-2410

21:31 Thu 07 Jun 2018


Left a message telling me I have willfully defrauded the Government and a warrant has been issued for my arrest.

21:08 Thu 07 Jun 2018


Free Blow Jobs by Lain at 615-757-9115

20:30 Thu 07 Jun 2018


Constantly calling, I keep screening

20:24 Thu 07 Jun 2018


Had person call me saying I called them for my number. Sounded like scammers to me.

20:01 Thu 07 Jun 2018


Scam telling me US govt has filed lawsuits against me and to call this number. Computer voice

20:01 Thu 07 Jun 2018


IRS scam call. “Serious allegations against you if you don’t call”

19:49 Thu 07 Jun 2018


scammer...caller wanted donations for Texas State Troopers

18:46 Thu 07 Jun 2018


IRS scam and if you don't call police will come after you...

18:38 Thu 07 Jun 2018